Kleinvaag's PostAssistant (Freeware)

Updated  : December 11th 2002


This program is still in a beta-stage; please send Bug reports to postassistant@xs4all.nl



A small utility for all you posters out there, that creates a SFV-file, an info file (including track list) and a Winamp playlistfile all in once.


What's new?


PostAssistant v009



PostAssistant v008

PostAssistant v007

PostAssistant v006

PostAssistant v005

PostAssistant v004

PostAssistant v003

PostAssistant v002

PostAssistant v001

A brief manual:

00 - Right click a mp3 or folder and select PostAssistant, proceed to step 4


01 - Start PostAssistant

02 - Click 'Select Folder'

03 - Select a Folder by double-clicking !!

04 - Click 'Process Folder'

05 - Update Artist / Title / Year / Label / ID / URL, if necessary

06 - Select appropriate checkboxes.

07 - Update Ripper, Poster, Encoder, Codec, Arguments, Newsgroups, Signature, if necessary

08 - Fill in options for track list

    Default = %t (%m) %4 - %1

    This results in “01 (4:45) Track title’ or in case of different artists  “01 (4:45) Artist - track title”


09 - Fill in options for Filename

Default = 00 - %Y - %2 - %3  this results in "00 - Year - Artist - Album name


10 - Select a combination of SFV, NFO & M3U.

11 - Click 'Create'.


A popup window will appear with the generated info-file.

You can make any changes you want.


12 - Click on 'Cancel' or 'Save and close'


13 - A SFV-file will now be generated (if checked).

     The SFV-file created will be compatible with QuickSFV, WinSFV and Leechassistant.


A progress bar will be shown and the requested files will be created.

The SFV-, NFO- and M3U-file will be created in the current folder.

Now you can get back to step 2 and process the next folder.

All appropriate fields/settings will be saved for next time in the windows registry.

You can stop the process any time by clicking the 'Exit' button.


For a visual manual click here



The full version

PostAssistant v009 (2.9Mb) (freeware)

Installation Notes:

Run the Setup-file found in the zip-file.

PostAssistant will automatically execute after installation. Unfortunately, your current settings will be lost.

This for incompatiblity reasons with previous version of PostAssistant (sorry for the inconvienience)

This program works best with screen-resolution set to 1024 x 768 or higher.

The program will function with resolution set to 800x600 or higher.

PostAssistant will adjust to 800x600 resolution automatically, if necessary.

The settings can be changed manually in the settings-menu, located in the toolbar.


This readme-file can be located in Post Assistant’s program folder after installation.



To remove PostAssistant from your system do the following :

1 -     start PostAssistant and uncheck the folder-association options in the settings-menu.

2 -    delete the following key from the registry : "hkey_current_user\software\kleinvaag inc"

3 -    run the unistall option   


have fun with it,




Thanks to

Ferdinand, Ribor, Antrios, Saskia, Defender, Edwin, TheBaz,

BennyX, MracelF, Remmer, Cool and Batje4 for all the suggestions and the preliminary testing.